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Mayco Bisque Stoneware FPDinnerwareSet1

Mayco Stoneware Bisque

Art Educators, Traditional Stores and Paint Your Own Pottery Studios
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Mayco Bisque Stoneware FPDinnerwareSet2

     American Ceramic Supply Co. offers Cone 6 Stoneware Bisque. This high fire clay body is soft fired to a Cone 03 and ships by the case lot. Use Cone 5 or Cone 6 high fire glazes, such as Mayco’s Stoneware Glazes or Amaco high fire glazes - and fire to a Cone 5 or Cone 6. Cone 6 firings will provide for the most mature clay body that can be used in microwave and dishwasher. For oven use, we recommend placing the finished piece in a cold oven, allowing it to slowly warm as the over preheats. We advise against sudden temperature changes to avoid thermal shock - such as freezer to oven or vice versa.
Note the difference between Cone 06 - around 1835 degrees  - and Cone 6 - around 2200 degrees. Low fire clay bodies are typically glazed all over and stilts are used when firing. High fire clay bodies, when firing to Cone 6, are typically not painted on the bottom, but dry footed and the piece is set directly on a well kiln washed shelf during firing to maturity.


Stoneware Bisque SB100Mug
SToneware Bisque SB103WavyMug Stoneware Bisque SB108ContMug SToneware Bisque SB109LisaMug

Stoneware Bisque - SB-100
16 oz. Mug - 6 per case
5.25” W x 5.25” Tall
$8.50 per piece/$46.50 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-103
Wavy. Mug - 6 per case
5.5” W x 4.25” Tall
$7.80 per piece/$42.90 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-108
Contemporary Mug - 6 per case
5.25” W x 4.5” Tall
$7.40 per piece/$40.50 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-109
Lisa Mug - 6 per case
4.5” W x 5” Tall
$7.40 per piece/$40.50 per case


Stoneware Bisque SB104RimmedSaladPlate
Stoneware Bisque SB105RimmedDinnerPlate
Stoneware Bisque SB106RimmedBowl Stoneware Bisque SB110DessetSaladBowl

Stoneware Bisque - SB-104
Rim Salad Plate - 6 per case
8.5” Diameter
$7.90 per piece/$43.50 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-105
Rim Dinner Plate - 6 per case
11” diameter - 1.5” deep
$9.30 per piece/$51.00 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-106
Rimmed Bowl - 6 per case
7” diameter - 2.25” deep
$8.20 per piece/$45.00 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-110
Dessert Bowl - 6 per case
5.25” W x 2.5” Tall
$7.40 per piece/$40.50 per case


Stoneware Bisque SB101 Pie Plate
Stoneware Bisque SB107 Pizza Stone Stoneware Bisque SB102 Casserole Dish9 StonewareBisqueSB111HandleBowl

Stoneware Bisque - SB-101
9” Pie Plate - 4 per case
9” diameter
$10.40 per piece/$38.00 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-107
Pizza Stone - 4 per case
14” Diameter
$10.70 per piece/$39.00 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-102
Casserole Dish - 4 per case
9” square
$10.40 per piece/$38.00 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-111
Handled Bowl - 6 per case
8” W x 4” tall x 6” Diameter
$8.50 per piece/$46.50 per case


Stoneware Bisque SB112TallBottle
Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB113 Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB114 Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB115

Stoneware Bisque - SB-112
Tall Bottle - 6 per case
3” Wide at base x 14.5” Tall
$9.60 per piece/$52.50 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-113
12” Vase - 2 per case
6.25” Wide x 12” Tall
$12.60 per piece/$23.00 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-114
8” Vase - 4 per case
3.75” Wide x 8” Tall
$9.60 per piece/$35.00 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-115
Au Gratin Dish - 6 per case
5.5” Wide x 1.5” Tall x 9” L
$8.50 per piece/$46.50 per case


Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB116
Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB117 Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB118
Mayco Stoneware Bisque FPOpalMug

Stoneware Bisque - SB-116
Flared Mug - 6 per case
5.5” Tall - pending
$7.90 per piece/$43.50 per case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-117
Oval Platter - 2 per case
16” L x 11.5” Wide
$14.00 piece/$25.50 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-118
Oval Platter - 4 per case
12” L x 8.5” Wide
$9.90 piece/$36.00 case

Lisa Mug completed with Mayco Stoneware Glazes -
 White Opal and Pink Opal


Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB119
Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB120 Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB121 Serving Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB122 SoupBowl

Stoneware Bisque - SB-119
Serving Bowl - 6 per case
9” Dia x 3” Deep
$10.40 piece/$57.00 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-120
Latte Mug - 6 per case
6” Tall
$8.50 piece/$46.50 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-121
Serving Boat - 4 per case
12.75 L x 2” T x 3.25” W
$10.70 piece/$39.00 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-122
Soup Bowl - 6 per case
3” T x 7.75” W
$9.30 piece/$51.00 case


Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB123NestingBowllg
Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB124NestingBowlMd Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB125jpgNestingBowlSm Mayco Bisque Stoneware SB126Ramekin6

Stoneware Bisque - SB-123
Nesting Bowl Large - 3 per case
6.5” Tall x 8.5” W
$13.40 piece/$36.75 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-124
Nesting Bowl Medium - 4 per case
5.75” Tall x 5.75” W
$12.00 piece/$44.00 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-125
Nesting Bowl Small - 6 per case
5” Tall x 6.5” W
$10.50 piece/$57.00 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-126
Ramiken 6 oz. - 6 per case
4” W x 2” T
$6.50 piece/$36.00 case


Mayco Stoneware Bisque SB127 Teapot
Mayco Stoneware Bisque SB128 Tumbler Mayco Stoneware Bisque SB129130 Modern DinnerPlates Mayco Stoneware Bisque SB131 Modern Bowl

Stoneware Bisque - SB-127
Teapot.  - 3 per case
6.75” T x 8.75” W
$13.40 piece/$36.75 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-128
Tumbler  - 6 per case
6” x 3.75” W
$9.10 piece/$49.50 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-129 & SB-130
Modern Dinner - 6 per case
11” Diameter
$10.00 piece/$54.00 case
Modern Salad - 6 per case
8.375”  Diameter
$8.50 piece/$45.00 case

Stoneware Bisque - SB-131
Modern Bowl  - 6 per case
3” T x 7” Diameter
$8.70 piece/$46.50 case

Prices subject to change - some items such as bisque and color may not be returned.


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American Ceramic Supply Company has been servicing the ceramic industry for over 40 years. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, American Ceramic Supply Company services and supplies ceramic equipment and supplies to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, ceramic potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers, ceramic and pottery home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply Company provides education, training and consulting services to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers and home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply also educates and assists the architects, contractors, builders and electricians for our customers as they create their ceramic shops,
paint your own pottery studios, ceramic rooms in their new schools and buildings and in their homes.

American Ceramics is a master distributor and education center for Mayco Colors and Glazes and Mayco Bisque, Duncan Ceramic Colors, Glazes and Duncan 04 Bisque offering almost 1000 designs in properly fired ceramic bisque or pottery bisque to home based hobbyists, traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios and art teachers and educators. From functional bisque to kid’s bisque, home decor bisque and seasonal ceramic bisque, American Ceramics stands behind the exceptional quality of the Mayco Bisque and Duncan Bisque lines. Having properly fired, clean and durable ceramic bisque is critical to American Ceramics on-going customer satisfaction.

American Ceramic Supply Company continues to sell, service, educate and provide on-going marketing and technical support to the ceramic and pottery industry. Our goals are the best customer service we can possibly offer, generosity of information to our customers so that they can succeed and accomplish their ceramic dreams and desires and
doing the right thing by God and Country.

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