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American Ceramic Supply Co. offers the best startup packages
for Ceramics At Home. So many packages to choose from! Check them all out!

     Thinking about opening a ceramic business? Done a little pouring and cleaning and you're hooked? Want to try it, but you're not sure? Or  do you just love to pour and clean greenware and make your own ceramics? Here's a complete package for you with all the fixin's! Molds, slip, kiln, pouring equipment, color, tools, brushes, and more! Choose the package you prefer, then e-mail us with your complete shipping address so we can figure the freight. We'll get back to you with your total and estimated shipping date. You can charge the package or mail a check! (Texas residents add tax.) Then in just a few weeks, you'll be pouring and cleaning, firing and painting your own pieces!!! And we're always here for you should you have any questions, need help or want to re-order supplies. Just call, fax or e-mail us! Sorry, you will not be able to substitute molds or color. If you want us to create a customized package for you, just let us know, and we'll be glad to do so.

Samples of colors and molds!

mmcrystalcarmelcolor mmcrystalbluecolor mmcrystalgreencolor mmcrystalredcolor

You get all this!

Glaze and Color
24 - 4 oz. non-toxic glazes
1 pint non-toxic clear glaze
1 - 2 oz. underglaze kit (8 colors)
1 - 4 oz. brush cleaner
1 - 2 oz. stain kit (12 colors)
Small Dish
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Box with Lid
2 Animals
Birdhouse or Candle Shade
Soap Dish
Rock Plaque - can designate season
Cross or Spoonrest
We reserve the right to substitute molds according to availability of stock. Pictures are examples. Your designs may vary.
Pouring Equipment
Table Top Drain
10 Gallons of Low Fire Slip
Pouring Tools
Rubber Bands
Apt II
Stilt Stone
Shelf Cones: Box each of 03, 04, 05, 06
Rubber Scrubber
Cleaning Sponge
Decorating Sponge
Drying Rack
Greenware Files
Cleaning Tools
Glaze Brush Set
Stain Brush Set
Books & Videos & Magazines
2 Ceramic Books

mmcoralcolor mmbrowncolor mmochacolor
Olympic Kiln The Traveler

Kiln Package
When you choose your package below,
your kiln will come with a furniture kit
(shelves, posts and kiln wash),
and an assortment of stilts.

Samples of colors and molds!

MMoldsCat MMoldsHeart
mmpinkcolor mmredcolor mmorangecolor mmyellowcolor
CPICrossMold CPICandleShadeMold

Package A - Your price - $1,995.00
A $2685.50 VALUE!!
Everything above plus:
The Traveler Digital Kiln - Mobile!
12" w x 12" deep
120V/12 guage wire/20 amps
No extra wiring required.

Package B - Your price - $2119.00
A $2895.35 VALUE!!
Everything above plus:
TnF1613-3 Kiln
16 1/2" w x 13 1/4" deep
240V/30 amp/single phase
Special wiring will be required.

     Brochures, catalogs, color technique sheets, how-to's and tip sheets will be included in packages. Wiring specifications including copper wire size, fuse size and NEMA configs for your electrician will also be enclosed.
PLUS!! When your package arrives, we will talk you through your kiln furniture prepping and loading, pushing the buttons on the kiln, checking cone results with you and give you firing schedules for your greenware to bisque and low fire glaze firings for best results!
Now that’s More VALUE!

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American Ceramic Supply Company has been servicing the ceramic industry for over 40 years. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, American Ceramic Supply Company services and supplies ceramic equipment and supplies to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, ceramic potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers, ceramic and pottery home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply Company provides education, training and consulting services to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers and home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply also educates and assists the architects, contractors, builders and electricians for our customers as they create their ceramic shops,
paint your own pottery studios, ceramic rooms in their new schools and buildings and in their homes.

American Ceramics is a master distributor and education center for Mayco Colors and Glazes and Mayco Bisque, Duncan Ceramic Colors, Glazes and Duncan 04 Bisque offering almost 1000 designs in properly fired ceramic bisque or pottery bisque to home based hobbyists, traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios and art teachers and educators. From functional bisque to kid’s bisque, home decor bisque and seasonal ceramic bisque, American Ceramics stands behind the exceptional quality of the Mayco Bisque and Duncan Bisque lines. Having properly fired, clean and durable ceramic bisque is critical to American Ceramics on-going customer satisfaction.

American Ceramic Supply Company continues to sell, service, educate and provide on-going marketing and technical support to the ceramic and pottery industry. Our goals are the best customer service we can possibly offer, generosity of information to our customers so that they can succeed and accomplish their ceramic dreams and desires and
doing the right thing by God and Country.

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