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American Ceramic Supply Company offers great discounts on all Skutt Kilns.
Just check out these discounts! You can e-mail us at if you need any help with technical support, best kilns and or specific shipping needs. When you buy a Skutt Kiln from American, we help with kiln prep, test fire, cone results and firing schedules.

Skutt Kiln Logo

Add Touchpad
 to any new KM kiln -
only $325.00 sale price!

Skutt Kiln KM1Wallmount

Wall Mount Controllers

KM-1 Wall mounted Controller 50 AMP single phase - Retail - $1171.50  Your price - $950.00
KM-1 Wall mounted Controller 40 AMP 3 phase - Retail - $1232.00 Your price - $995.00
KM-2 Wall or Desk mounted Controller - 120V - Retail - $616.00 Your price - $525.00
Skutt kiln owners can add KilnMaster electronic control  to their Skutt manual kilns in a matter of minutes, and there is no sacrifice of traditional quality or performance. The Skutt KilnMaster may also be  used with other brand kilns. Easy  to install. You need only to drill a small hole in through your kiln's firebrick for the KilnMaster thermocouple (the stainless steel jacket is already punched on Skutt kilns) and plug your kiln into the unit. Wall  mounted convenience. The KilnMaster is easy to wall mount at eye level  near your kiln, so you can monitor a firing without bending or stooping.  The color-impregnated unbreakable housing and sealed touch pad faceplate  are designed to keep clay and dust out. They are easy to wipe clean with  a damp cloth. Two year warranty. Like all Skutt products, KilnMaster controllers are  backed by our two-year limited warranty, the best in the industry. KilnMaster control features and specifications are identical to Skutt KM series automatic kilns.

Skutt KSTypeThermo

S Type Thermocouple - Retail - $341.00 Upgrade only $273.00 each
Cone 10 - This thermocouple can hold up to the high demands of High Fire applications firing after firing
Accurate - Type S wire is the most accurate thermocouple wire available.
Responsive - The low mass ceramic protection tube insures that this thermocouple remains responsive
Long Life - This thermocouple does not degrade and will virtually last forever if not broken.
No Drifting - Since this thermocouple does not degrade, it will not drift.
Sealed tube - Protects probe from kiln atmosphere.

SKutt APMelements

APM Elements
Kanthal APM elements are different from standard elements because they are manufactured from  powdered material. This new technology provides improved dimensional stability at higher temperatures which results in significantly longer element life.  If you are firing Crystal Glazes or consistently firing Cone 10 materials,  these elements are highly recommended. E-mail us with the Skutt kiln model, volt and phase for APM elements specific pricing. - or see specific Skutt Kiln pages on our site. Skutt kiln APM element sale prices are listed for some models.

SKutt Cone10Pyrometer

Cone 10 Digitial Pyrometer - E-mail us for pricing - include shipping address.
This Pyrometer comes with a Type K thermocouple, thermocouple mounting block, 5 feet of thermocouple wire, and a pyrometer flange for mounting the thermocouple to the kiln. The Pyrometer comes with a case that can be mounted to the wall. It also has a flip out back so that it can be set on a table or shelf. Since it is Dual Input, you can purchase an additional thermocouple package and monitor two kilns. It even remembers the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded in a firing. It is rated to Cone 10 with a plus or minus 0.4% of reading accuracy.

SKutt kiln furniture

All Skutt Kiln Furniture Kits are listed on the page with their corresponding Skutt Kiln models. When ordered WITH your new kiln, sales prices on kiln pages will apply. When ordered separately, and/or for additional shelves or posts, please e-mail. Please include the Skutt Kiln model and specific size.

SKutt Envirolink

Skutt Envirolink - Retail - $179.30  Your price - $145.00
The EnviroLink is an electrical switching device that can be controlled by an automatic kiln to determine when a vent turns on and off.

3 Models:
For KMT models - #3597
For KM models - #2480
For EnviroLink for KM models with LinkBoard - #4659

The EnviroLink was developed by engineers at Skutt to provide kiln owners with the ability to automatically control the Skutt EnviroVent and EnviroVent 2. The device utilizes a programmable power output (OUTPUT 4) on Skutt KilnMaster and GlassMaster Controllers to turn on/off the EnviroVent and EnviroVent 2. The kiln may be programmed to control the vent during any segment of a Ramp/Hold Program or during preset times of a ConeFire or Glass Fire Mode program.
For more information, visit the Skutt Kilns web site Envirolink page.

SKutt Lid-LIft

Skutt Kilns Lid Lifter Upgrade for 10 sided Kilns - Retail - $454.25
Your price - $410.00 (higher for some models)

All Skutt 10 and 12-sided kilns come with a Lid Lifter as a standard feature. Now, you can add this feature to your 10 or 12 sided kiln! Please e-mail us for 12 sided models - and 1627 lid lift retro upgrade.
These spring-assisted lids are so light you can lift  them with a finger. Compare them to other brands and you will feel the difference. Every Skutt lid is coated with a strong, long lasting refractory cement that prevents brick dust from falling into the kiln and improves the lid’s structural integrity. Since both sides are coated, the lid can be reversed for double the life. A 2-position, lid brace is included for additional safety and convenience.

Rolling Kiln Stand - Mobile Stand with Casters - 5 sizes to choose from!
8 sided kilns - Retail - $419.75 - Your price - $365.00
10 sided kilns - Retail - $442.75 - Your price - $385.00
12 sided kilns - Retail - $454.25 - Your price - $395.00
16 sided kilns - Retail - $546.25 - Your price - $490.00
Rolling Stand Adapter if you have an Envirovent2 - $30

Rolling kiln stands are now available for your Skutt kiln. These stands are made specifically to fit each model and  come fully assembled. Constructed of heavy gauge, welded, square metal tubing, these things are tough and stable. We use metal castors so they will not develop flat spots when sitting in one place too long like rubber castors.  They also have wheel locks on all 4 wheels so the kiln will not walk away from you when you lean into it to load your kiln. If your kiln is located in your garage and you want to tuck it away when you are not using it this is the perfect solution.

(Always remember to unplug the kiln if you are moving it to an area that does not have the proper clearances).


Take me to Skutt Envirovent 2 page!

All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies. We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.

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