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American Ceramic Supply Company offers great discounts on all
Shimpo Pottery Wheel Accessories.
You can e-mail us at
if you need any help with technical support, best wheels and/or specific shipping needs.

Pottery Potters Stool ADJ

Potters Stool - The comfort of a cushioned  seat that you will appreciate after only a short time in the saddle.

The adjustable leg allows an assortment  of heights to accommodate everyone, and can be tilted to relieve the strain on your  lower back. The tilt feature also puts you over your work. The stool is done attractively  with a white frame and blue seat. The adjustable  leg model not only serves the potter, but will also comfortably fill the needs of the painter and sculptor.
Adjustable Leg Stool - Retail - $64.50  Your price - $58.00

Click here to go to Potter’s Stools - all pics and prices.

Pottery Wheel Splashpan
Shimpo spwclips

Shimpo Splash Pan
2 piece with Clips

Shimpo one piecesp

Shimpo Splash Pan
1 piece - order size by part number

Shimpo Splash Pans

Two-Piece with ClipsFits
RK-Whisper and RK-10 models manufactured after 1981 and all Master Series wheels when fitted with a 12-inch Wheelhead. Both pieces of the splashpan remove quickly and easily for cleaning or when throwing larger ware. Shorter mounting bolts are required for use with our tables.

2 Piece Splash Pan w/clips- Retail - $93.00  Your price - $84.00
23” L x 18” W x 5” H / 4.5 lbs.

Two-Piece Interlocking
We’ve designed the Easy Two-Piece splashpans to incorporate the features you’ve been requesting. Snug-fitting interlocking design separates easily for cleaning. Manufactured from heavy-duty plastic. Fits all Master, Rk-10, Velocity and Whisper Series wheels and may be used with our tables.

2 Piece Splash Pan - Retail - $47.75  Your price - $42.00
4-1/2” x 19-1/2”, 4 lbs.
2 Piece Splash Pan - Retail - $58.50  Your price - $51.00
  4-1/2” x 19”, 4 lbs.

One-Piece Splashpans
Our one-piece pans come in two sizes: large and small. The splashpans attach under the wheelhead and do not require removal for cleaning due to their convenient drain plugs. Constructed of durable flex plastic, our one-piece splashpans resists cracking or breaking and clean easily.

1 Piece Small Splash Pan - Retail - $42.50  Your price - $37.00
Fits all Master Series (fitted with 12-inch wheelhead), RK-10 and some older RK-2 models. Our table may be used together with this pan as an accessory on wheels listed above (except the M-1 which does not fit a table). 17-1/2” dia. X 5” H, 4 lbs.

1 Piece Large Splash Pan - Retail - $48.00  Your price - $43.00
This pan fits all Master Series wheels except the M-1 and may be used with the table. 21-1/2” dia x 5” H, 4 lbs.

Shimpo Hump Molds

Hump Mold Throwing System
The New Hump Mold Throwing System fits
any Shimpo potter's wheels.

7.5" Plaster Plate Hump Mold
Product number: WHM7PL
Retail Price: $16.95 Your price - $14.50

7.5" Plaster Bowl Hump Mold
Product number: WHM7BL
Retail Price: $16.95  Your price - $14.50

9” Plaster Plate Hump Mold
Product number: WHM9PL

Retail Price: $20.00  Your price - $17.50

Mold Hump Adapter Bat (Fits any Shimpo Wheel)
Product number: WHM-AD-BAT
Retail Price: $29.00  Your price - $25.00

Shimpo Wonder Bats

Available for the VL-Whisper, RK-Whisper, VL-Lite, and Aspire tabletop potter's wheels.

Aspire WonderBat
Part number: WA-BAT-WB-A
Retail Price: $10.90  Your price - $8.75
Blue Plastic Bat for Aspire
Part number: WA-Bat-ASPIRE

Retail Price: $7.70  Your price - $6.95

14" WonderBat
Part number: WA-BAT-14-RND
Retail Price: $14.00  Your price - $12.00

14" Bat Adapter set with 6 square inserts
Part number: WA-BAT-6-SQ-W/A
Retail Price: $37.90 per set
Your price - $33.00

Additional Bat Adapter inserts
Part number: WA-BAT-6-SQ
Retail - $19.35 (set of 6 squares)
Your price - $17.50

12" WonderBat
Part number: WA-BAT-12-RND
Retail Price: $12.75  Your price - $11.25


Work Tables
Shimpo offers two sizes of solid HDPE plastic work tables which quickly attach to the RK Whisper, RK-10 Basic and Super and older RK-2 models as well as Master Series models (except the M1). The larger table adds approximately four square feet of surface space and for the convenience of the smaller studio, we offer a small table which provides approximately two square feet of surface space.

Large Work Table - Retail - $105.00  Your price - $90.00
15" L x 44" W / 20 lbs.
Small Work Table - Retail - $53.00 Your price - $48.00
16" L x 21.5" W / 10 lbs.

All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies. We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.

Potter’s Stools

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American Ceramic Supply Company has been servicing the ceramic industry for 40 years. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, American Ceramic Supply Company services and supplies ceramic equipment and supplies to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, ceramic potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers, ceramic and pottery home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply Company provides education, training and consulting services to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers and home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply also educates and assists architects, contractors, builders and electricians for our customers as they create their ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios,
ceramic rooms in their new schools and buildings and in their homes.

American Ceramic Supply Company has been selling and servicing ceramic, pottery and glass kiln for 40 years including Paragon Kilns, Skutt Kilns, Amaco/Excel Kilns, Cress Glass Kilns, and Olympic Kilns. American has been selling and servicing potter’s wheels including Speedball (previously Creative Industries) Pottery Wheels, Shimpo Pottery Wheels, Amaco and Brent Pottery Wheels, Pacifica Pottery Wheels and has added Thomas Stuart Pottery Wheels as Skutt Kilns has taken over this in demand pottery wheel line. American Ceramics also offers pottery equipment and supplies from such major brands as Lehman Pouring Equipment, Northstar Pottery Equipment, Laguna Pottery Equipment and Supplies,  Amaco and Brent Pottery Equipment and Supplies including pugmills, slab rollers, potter’s stools, banding wheels, ware carts, extruders, slip pouring tables and
slip pouring mixers and slip pouring reclaimers.

American Ceramic Supply Company continues to sell, service, educate and provide on-going marketing and technical support to the ceramic and pottery industry. Our goals are the best customer service we can possibly offer, generosity of information to our customers so that they can succeed and accomplish their ceramic dreams and desires and
doing the right thing by God and Country.

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