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 Stoneware Specialty Glazes
Washes, Flux, Textures, Raku Cone 6/10

Mayco Stoneware Glazes - Cone 6 to Cone 10
Pre-mixed 4 oz, Pints
Prices shown on web site are retail. If you have a sales tax number,
please email for your confidential wholesale pricing.


Mayco’s Stoneware Glazes can be applied to a wide variety of mid-range (Cone 4/6) and high fire (Cone 9/10) clay bodies for unique and stunning results. Best of all, these glazes are kiln and user-friendly as they will not run off your ware. Non-toxic and food safe.

Mayco Stoneware Washes - Cone 6 to Cone 10
Click here for a free info on Mayco Washes:
4 oz. jars - Non-Toxic - Discontinued but some in stock.

Mayco color SW301IronWash Mayco color SW302RutileWash Mayco color SW303ManganeseWash Mayco Color SW304CopperWash

Mayco Stoneware
SW 301  Iron Wash
4 oz - $4.25

Mayco Stoneware
SW 302  Rutile Wash
4 oz - $4.25

Mayco Stoneware
SW 303   Manganese Wash
4 oz - $4.25

Mayco Stoneware
SW 304   Copper Wash
4 oz - $4.25

Mayco Stoneware Specialty - FLUX - Cone 6 to Cone 10
4 oz. & Pints  Non-Toxic

Mayco Stoneware Glaze SW401 Flux over119

SW401 Light Flux
Shown above
over SW119 Cinnabar
4 oz. - $5.00
Pint - $16.25

SW402 Dark Flux

4 oz. - $5.00
Pint - $16.25

Mayco Stoneware Glazes Flux Mix FP

Mayco Texture Glazes - Cone 6 to 10
Pint - $16.25

MaycoStonewareGlaze-SW403-WhiteMudcrack MaycoStonewareGlaze-SW404-BlackMudcrack MaycoStonewareGlaze-SW405-LightMagma MaycoStonewareGlaze-SW406-DarkMagma

Mayco Stoneware
Texture Glaze
SW 403   White Mudcrack

Mayco Stoneware
Texture Glaze
SW 404   Black Mudcrack

Mayco Stoneware
Texture Glaze
SW 405   Light Magma

Mayco Stoneware
Texture Glaze
SW 406   Dark Magma

Mayco Raku Glazes - Cone 06/6
Pint - $13.75

These Raku Glazes produce a variety of metallic, luster and crackled finishes. Vary your firing methods, choice of materials,
for dramatic results. Non-toxic, but not recommended for use on dinnerware.

Mayco Raku Color sRK100 BlackMetallic Mayco Raku Color sRK101CopperMetallic Mayco Raku Color sRK103WhiteCrackle

Mayco Raku Glaze
RK 100  Black Metallic

Mayco Raku Glaze
RK 101  Copper Metallic

Mayco Raku Glaze
RK 103 White Crackle

Mayco Raku Color sRK105CopperPenny Mayco Raku Colors RK106PeacockMatte Mayco Raku Color sRK107OilSlick

Mayco Raku Glaze
RK 105  Copper Penny

Mayco Raku Glaze
RK 106  Peacock Matte

Mayco Raku Glaze
RK 107  Oil Slick

For more information on usage, application and firing,
see this page on the Mayco web site.

For the Stoneware Pint Kits - click here.

For fabulous Stoneware Bisque -
already soft fired to Cone 03 -
ready for you to brush on these
great stoneware glazes and fire to Cone 6 -
click here to see Stoneware Bisque.

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Mayco Stoneware Glaze Combinations
Cone 5/6 and 9/10
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All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies. We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.

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