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Special Order any of these kits - We order Mayco every two weeks if you would like to pick these up here at American or have shipped with your orders, or we can drop ship them to you, as well.

Glaze Kits
Underglaze Kits

Ceramic Stores, Schools and Teachers, Paint Your Own Pottery Studios - please e-mail us with your sales tax certificate or tax exempt status for wholesale pricing.

Mayco Glaze Color Kit SPKit2
Mayco Glaze Color Kit sSCKit2 Mayco Glaze Color Kit sSCKit3
Mayco Glaze color Kit sSCKit12oz

Stroke and Coat Kit
12 Bottles per Kit
SC-KIT1 - 2 oz. - $47.00
SC-Kit1P - Pints - $213.00

SC16 Cotton Tail
SC6 Sunkissed
SC75 Orange A Peel
SC18 Rosey Posey
SC74 Hot Tamale
SC11 Blue Yonder
SC12 Moody Blue
SC26 Green Thumb
SC36 Irish Luck
SC13 Grapel
SC14 Java Bean
SC15 Tuxedo

Stroke and Coat Kit
12 Bottles per Kit
SC-KIT2 - 2 oz. - $47.00
SC-Kit2P - Pints - $213.00
SC16 Cotton Tail
SC24 Dandelion
SC1 Pink A Boo
SC17 Cheeky Pink
SC3 Wine About It
SC30 Blue Dawn
SC28 Blue Isle
SC10 Teal Next Time
SC8 Just Froggy
SC20 Birthday Suit
SC25 Crackerjack Brown
SC15 Tuxedo

Stroke and Coat Kit
12 Bottles per Kit
SC-KIT3 - 2 oz. - $47.00
SC-Kit3P - Pints - $213.00
SC16 Cotton Tail
SC24 Dandelion
SC23 Jack O Latern
SC73 Candy Apple Red
SC1 Pink A Boo
SC3 Wine About It
SC31 The Blues
SC12 Moody Blue
SC27 Sour Apple
SC36 Irish Luck
SC48 Camel Back
SC15 Tuxedo

Stroke and Coat Kit
12 Bottles per Kit
SP-KIT2 - 2 oz. - $50.00
SP-KT2P - Pints - $238.00

SP216 Sp Cotton Tail
SP206 Sp Sunkissed
SP274 Sp Hot Tamale
SP245 Sp My Blue Heaven
SP245 Sp Blue Yonder
SP212 Sp Moody Blue
SP227 Sp Sour Apple
SP226 Sp Green Thumb
SP270 Sp Pink A Dot
SP213 Sp Grapel
SP254 Sp Vanilla Dip
SP215 Sp Tuxedo

Mayco Glaze Color Kit sFNKit3 Mayco Glaze Color Kit Crystalites Kit Mayco Glaze Color Kit Jungle Gems Kit2

Foundations Kit -
12 Bottles per Kit
FN-KIT3 - 4 oz. - $60.00
FN-KT3P - Pints - $146.00

FN001 - White
FN002 - Yellow
FN003 - Orange
FN004 - Red
FN005 - Pink
FN017 - Purple
FN018 - Bright Blue
FN019 - Dark Blue
FN007 - Green
FN020 - Medium Green
FN008 - Brown
FN009 - Black

Crystalites Kit -
12 Bottles per Kit
S2-KIT2 - 4 oz. - $75.00
S2-KT2P - Pints - $221.00

S2701 Peacock Eyes
S2702 Poppy Fields
S2702 Northern Lights
S2704 Plum Jelly
S2729 Citus Splash
S2708 Oriental Caramel
S2709 Cappuccino Mint
S2714 Herb Garden
S2715 Spotted Kiwi
S2712 Monsoon Seas
S2724 Lotus Blossom
S2711 Tahiti Grape

Jungle Gems Kit -
12 Bottles per Kit
CG-KIT2 - 4 oz. - $75.00
CG-KT2P - Pints - $221.00

CG964 Kaleidescope
CG753 Sassy Orange
CG756 Firecracker
CG718 Blue Caprice
CG962 Blue Azure
CG713 Peacock Green
CG717 Pistachio
CG973 Alligator
CG780 Mystic Jade
CG965 Mocha Marble
CG970 Masquerade
CG798 Black Iris

Mayco Glaze Color Kit Elements Kit2 Mayco Glaze Color Kit sUnderglazeKit1

Elements Kit -
12 Bottles per Kit
EL-KIT2 - 4 oz. - $57.00
EL-KT2P - Pints - $167.00

EL103 Sea Spray
EL122 Malachite
EL123 Patina
124 Stormy Blue
EL134 Mirror Blue
EL128 Wheat
EL132 Rust Red
EL121 Copper Adventurine
EL133 Autumn
EL119 Burnished Steel
EL120 Black Ice
EL Steel Blue

Fundamentals Underglaze Kit
12 Bottles per Kit
UG-KIT1 - 2 oz. - $48.00
UG-KT21 - Pints - $202.00

UG51 China White
UG46 Bright Yellow
UG204 Orange
UG206 Fire Engine Red
UG208 Dragon Red
UG87 Regal Purple
UG97 Bright Blue
UG1 Kings Blue
UG68 Apple Green
UG21 Leaf Green
UG31 Chocolate
UG50 Jet Black

Mayco Colors -
Stroke & Coat, Speckled Stroke & Coat, Fired Accents

Mayco Colors -
Foundations & Crystallites

Mayco Colors
Foundations - Sheer & Matte

Mayco Colors
Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes

Mayco Colors
Astro Gems, Crackles
Specialty Glazes

Mayco Colors -
Elements, Element Chunkies,
Pottery Coat & Pottery Cascade

Mayco Colors -
Fundamentals Underglazes

Mayco Colors -
Raku & Stoneware Glazes

Mayco Colors -
Clear Glazes

Mayco Colors
Acrylic & Oil Based Stains

Mayco Colors
Non-Fired Product Accessories


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All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies. We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.

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