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Mayco Glaze FNFinishedPieces1

Opaque Foundations
& Crystallites

4 oz. - $5.50  Pints - $13.50
** Available in Gallon - $80.00

Mayco Glaze fnfinishedpieces2

     Foundations are gloss glazes designed to be applied to bisque. Their fluid consistency makes the glaze very easy to apply - firing to a smooth finish without showing brushstrokes. Glazes applied on top or next to each other will not intermingle. Fabulous with 2-3 coats and then Stroke and Coat used on top for design work. No dipping needed! Non-toxic and food safe.

Mayco Gaze Foundation fn001 white Mayco Gaze Foundation fn002 yellow Mayco Gaze Foundation fn003 orange Mayco Gaze Foundation fn004 red Mayco Gaze Foundation fn005 pink Mayco Gaze Foundation fn006 blue Mayco Gaze Foundation fn007 green Mayco Gaze Foundation fn008 brown Mayco Gaze Foundation fn009 black

FN 001

FN 002

FN 003

FN 004

FN 005

FN 006

FN 007

FN 008

FN 009

Mayco Gaze Foundation fn010 treegreen Mayco Gaze Foundation fn011 lightblue Mayco Gaze Foundation fn012 lavender Mayco Gaze Foundation fn013 lightyellow Mayco Gaze Foundation fn014 antiquewhite Mayco Gaze Foundation fn015 brickred Mayco Gaze Foundation fn016 harvestorange Mayco Gaze Foundation fn017 purple Mayco Gaze Foundation fn018 brightblue

FN 010
Tree Green**

FN 011
Light Blue

FN 012

FN 013
Light Yellow

FN 014
Antique White

FN 015
Brick Red

FN 016
Harvest Orange

FN 017

FN 018
Bright Blue**

Mayco Gaze Foundation fn019 darkblue Mayco Gaze Foundation fn020 mediumgreen Mayco Gaze Foundation fn021 olivegreen Mayco Gaze Foundation fn022 tan Mayco Gaze Foundation fn023 cinnamon Mayco Gaze Foundation fn024 gray
Mayco Gaze Foundation FN025 RaspberryWhip

FN 019
Dark Blue

FN 020
Medium Green

FN 021
Olive Green

FN 022

FN 023

FN 024

FN 025
Raspberry Whip

Mayco Gaze Foundation FN027 GladeGreen Mayco Gaze Foundation FN032 CantonJade
Mayco Gaze Foundation FN028 WisteriaPurple Mayco Gaze Foundation fn029 RichChocolate Mayco Gaze Foundation fn030 BingCherry Mayco Gaze Foundation N031 CornflowerBlue
Mayco Glaze FPLacePlateFoundations

FN 027
Glade Green

FN 028
Wisteria Purple

FN 029
Rich Chocolate

FN 030
Bing Cherry

FN 031
Corn Flower Blue

FN 032
Canton Jade

Mayco Gaze Foundation FN041 MediumBlue
Mayco Gaze Foundation FN033 MediterraneanTeal Mayco Gaze Foundation FN034 BigSkyBlue Mayco Gaze Foundation FN035 DeepRed Mayco Gaze Foundation FN036 Grape Mayco Gaze Foundation FN037 Chartreuse Mayco Gaze Foundation FN038 Sand Mayco Gaze Foundation FN039 LightGrey Mayco Gaze Foundation FN040 Pumpkin

FN 033
Mediterranean Teal

FN 034
Big Sky Blue

FN 035
Deep Red

FN 036

FN 037

FN 038

FN 039
Light Gray

FN 040

FN 041
Medium Blue

Mayco Color Foundation FN042 TealBlue Mayco Color Foundation FN043 BrightJade Mayco Color Foundation FN044 YellowOrange Mayco Color Foundation FN045 Taupe Mayco Color Foundation FN046 Sage Mayco Color Foundation FN047 LightPink

FN 042 Teal Blue

FN 043 Bright Jade

FN 044 Yellow Orange

FN 045 Taupe

FN 046 Sage

FN 047 Light Pink

Mayco Glaze FN048 Bright Pink Foundation Mayco Glaze FN049 Flamingo Foundation Mayco Glaze FN051 Strawberry Foundation Mayco Glaze FN052 Tangerine Foundation Mayco Glaze FN053 Mint Foundation Mayco Glaze FN054 Pistachio Foundation

FN 048 Bright Pink

FN 049 Flamingo

FN 051 Strawberry

FN 052 Tangerine

FN 053 Mint

FN 054 Pistachio

Mayco Glaze CRYFinishedPiece1

Crystalites - Non Toxic
Crystalites are now Jungle Gems

4 oz - $6.95    Pints - $20.50

Mayco Glaze CRYFinishedPiece2

Gloss glaze base and glassy frit that melts during firing to produce dramatic effects. Non-toxic but not recommended for dinnerware due to surfaces.

Mayco Glaze Crystal s2701peacockeyes Mayco Glaze Crystal s2702northernlights Mayco Glaze Crystal s2703berryberrypie Mayco Glaze Crystal s2704plumjelly Mayco Glaze Crystal 2708orientalcarmel Mayco Glaze Crystal s2709cappuccinomint Mayco Glaze Crystal s2711tahitigrape Mayco Glaze Crystal s2712monsoonseas

S 2701
Peacock Eyes

S 2702
Northern Lights

S 2703
Berryberry Pie

S 2704
Plum Jelly

S 2708
Oriental Carmel

S 2709
Cappuccino Mint

S 2711
Tahiti Grape

S 2712
Monsoon Seas

Mayco Glaze Crystal s2714herbgarden Mayco Glaze Crystal s2716celestialblue Mayco Glaze Crystal s2718cosmicblack Mayco Glaze Crystal s2719cranberryburst Mayco Glaze Crystal s2723grapedivine Mayco Glaze Crystal s2724lotusblossom Mayco Glaze Crystal s2725safari Mayco Glaze Crystal s2726cheetah
Mayco Glaze Crystal s2715spottedkiwi

S 2714
Herb Garden

S 2715
Spotted Kiwi

S 2716
Celestial Blue

S 2718
Cosmic Back

S 2719
Cranberry Burst

S 2723
Grape Divine

S 2724
Lotus Blossom

S 2725

S 2726

Mayco Glaze FPCaterpillarBank
Mayco Glaze FPCyrstallites
Mayco Glaze Crystal s2727poppyfields Mayco Glaze Crystal s2729citrussplash Mayco Glaze Crystal s2731kaboom

S 2727
Poppy Fields

S 2729
Citrus Splash

S 2731

Mayco Colors -
Stroke & Coat, Speckled Stroke & Coat, Fired Accents

Mayco Colors -
Foundations & Crystallites

Mayco Colors
Foundations - Sheer & Matte

Mayco Colors
Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes

Mayco Colors
Astro Gems, Crackles
Specialty Glazes

Mayco Colors -
Elements, Element Chunkies,
Pottery Coat & Pottery Cascade

Mayco Colors -
Fundamentals Underglazes

Mayco Colors -
Raku & Stoneware Glazes

Mayco Colors -
Clear Glazes

Mayco Colors
Acrylic & Oil Based Stains

Mayco Colors
Glaze - Color Kits

Mayco Colors
Non-Fired Product Accessories

Mayco Bisque

Mayco Glaze CRYFinishedPiece3

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Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.

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