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UnderGlaze COLORS
E-Z Strokes
    1 oz - $3.95   

Duncan color ez002 pink duncan color ez003 green duncan color ez004 yellow duncan color ez005 yellow duncan color ez006 blue duncan color ez007 purple duncan color ez008 ruby duncan color ez010 brown duncan color ez011 brown

EZ 002
Cinderella Pink

EZ 003
Irish Green

EZ 004
Willow Yellow

EZ 005
Sierra Yellow

EZ 006

EZ 007
Royal Purple

EZ 008
Ruby Red

EZ 010
French Brown

EZ 011
Sienna Brown

duncan color ez012 black duncan color ez013 white duncan color ez016 green duncan color ez017 dk Turquoise duncan color ez018 Chartreuse duncan color ez019smokegrey duncan color ez020mulberry duncan color ez022fleshtone

EZ 012*
Cobalt Jet Black

EZ 013*

EZ 016
Grass Green

EZ 017
Dk. Turquoise

EZ 018*

EZ 019
Smoke Grey

EZ 020

EZ 022
Flesh Tone

duncan color ez023midnightblue duncan color ez024royalbluegreen duncan color ez025lemonyellow duncan color ez026yelloworange duncan color ez027navajoturquoise duncan color ez028leafgreen duncan color ez030rose duncan color ez031lightblue duncan color ez032peacockgreen

EZ 023
Midnight Blue

EZ 024
Royal Blue Green

EZ 025
Lemon Yellow

EZ 026
Yellow Orange

EZ 027
Navajo Turq.

EZ 028
Leaf Green

EZ 030

EZ 031
Light Blue

EZ 032
Peacock Green

duncan color ez033ivygreen duncan color ez034orange duncan color ez035dutchblue duncan color ez037black duncan color ez038mediummahogany duncan color ez039darkbrown duncan color ez042teal duncan color ez044cobblestone duncan color ez047thundercloudgrey

EZ 033
Ivy Green

EZ 034

EZ 035
Dutch Blue

EZ 037*

EZ 038
Md. Mahogany

EZ 039
Dark Brown

EZ 042

EZ 044

EZ 047
Thunder Grey

duncan color ez050pueblopurple duncan color ez051santafesunset duncan color ez053haciendajade duncan color ez054papagoturquoise duncan color ez055indiansummer duncan color ez057coralred

EZ 050
Pueblo Purple

EZ 051
Santa Fe Sunset

EZ 053
Hacienda Jade

EZ 054
Papago Turq.

EZ 055
Indian Summer

EZ 057*
Coral Red

duncan color ez058poppyorange duncan color ez061petalpink duncan color ez063wineberry duncan color ez066morningglory duncan color ez068roastedchestnut duncan color ez070olivegreen duncan color ez071darkolive

EZ 058
Poppy Orange

EZ 061
Petal Pink

EZ 063
Wine Berry

EZ 066
Morning Glory

EZ 068
Roasted Chestnut

EZ 070
Olive Green

EZ 071
Dark Olive

duncan color ez074darknavy
duncan color ez075passionred Duncan Color EZ077FruitPunch

EZ 074
Dark Navy

EZ 075*
Passion Red

EZ 077
Fruit Punch

E-Z Stroke Neons
1 oz. - $3.95

duncan color ez101neonyellow duncan color ez102neonblue duncan color ez104neonorange duncan color ez105neongreen duncan color ez106neonred

EZ 101
Neon Yellow

EZ 102**
Neon Blue

EZ 104**
Neon Orange

EZ 105
Neon Green

EZ 106
Neon Red

Duncan Glaze Colors -

Duncan Glaze Colors -
EZ Stroke Trans Underglazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Cover Coats Underglazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
French Dimensions

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Envision Glazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Courtyard, Satin

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Artisan Glazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Renaissance Glazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Crystal & Crackles

Duncan Colors -
Opaque Acrylics

Duncan Colors - No Fire Finishes
Oil Based, Granite Stone, Liquid Pearls, Ultra Metallics, Sparklers, No-Fire Snows


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All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies.
We reserve the  right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.

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