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Glaze COLORS Cone 06
Crystals & Crackles Glazes

Duncan Crystals Glazes
Retail - 4 oz - $6.30 - stocked  
Pint - $18.90 ** if available (special order)
These glazes are non-toxic, but not recommended as food safe.

Duncan Crystal Glaze cr850 cumulus clouds Duncan Crystal Glaze cr851 eternal galaxy Duncan Crystal Glaze cr852 solar flares Duncan Crystal Glaze cr853 sailors delight Duncan Crystal Glaze cr854 outer space Duncan Crystal Glaze cr855 water lily marsh Duncan Crystal Glaze cr856 ancient woodland Duncan Crystal Glaze cr858 polynesian lagoon

CR 850**
Cumulus Clouds

CR 851**
Eternal Galaxy

CR 852**
Solar Flares

CR 853**
Sailor’s Delight

CR 854**
Outer Space

CR 855**
Water Lily Marsh

CR 856**
Ancient Woodland

CR 858
Polynesian Lagoon

Duncan Crystal Glaze cr901 waterfall Duncan Crystal Glaze cr902 night sky Duncan Crystal Glaze cr903 emerald falls Duncan Crystal Glaze cr904 fudge marble Duncan Crystal Glaze cr905 blueberries Duncan Crystal Glaze cr906 peppered rasberyy Duncan Crystal Glaze cr907 la fiesta Duncan Crystal Glaze cr908 monets farden
Duncan Crystal Glaze cr859 african savanna

CR 859**
African Savanna

CR 901**

CR 902**
Night Sky

CR 903**
Emerald Falls

CR 904**
Fudge Marble

CR 905**

CR 906**
Peppered Rasb.

CR 907**
La Fiesta

CR 908**
Monet’s Garden

Duncan Crystal Glaze cr909 moss green Duncan Crystal Glaze cr910 forest moss Duncan Crystal Glaze cr911 ocean mist Duncan Crystal Glaze cr912 spring meadow Duncan Crystal Glaze cr913 cranberry frost Duncan Crystal Glaze 914 grape splash Duncan Crystal Glaze cr915 night frost
Duncan Crystal Glaze cr916 holly berries Duncan Crystal Glaze cr917 caramel latte

CR 909**
Moss Green

CR 910**
Forest Moss

CR 911**
Ocean Mist

CR 912**
Spring Meadow

CR 913**
Cranberry Frost

CR 914**
Grape Splash

CR 915**
Night Frost

CR 916
Holly Berries

CR 917
Caramel Latte

Duncan Crystal Glaze cr921 glacier storm
Duncan Crystal Glaze cr918 cherry blossoms Duncan Crystal Glaze cr919 milky way

CR 918**
Cherry Blossoms

CR 919**
Milky Way

CR 921
Glacier Storm

Duncan Crystal Glaze CR20075 Dalmation Duncan Crystal Glaze CR20088 Blueberry Ice Duncan Crystal Glaze CR20089 Raspberry Ice
Duncan Crystal Glaze CR20091 Harvest Time Duncan Crystal Glaze CR922 Eruption Duncan Crystal Glaze CR924 Wildflower Bouquet Duncan Crystal Glaze CR925 Independence Day Duncan Crystal Glaze CR926 Sandy Beach

CR 20075**

CR 20088**
Blueberry Ice

CR 20089**
Raspberry Ice

CR 20091**
Harvest Time

CR 922**

CR 924**

CR 925**

CR 926**
Sandy Beach

Duncan Crystal Glaze CR928 paradise punch Duncan Crystal Glaze CR929 orange crush Duncan Crystal Glaze rCR930 tutti frutti.1 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR931 appletini.1 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR932 blueberry bubblegum.1 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR933 fireworks.1 Duncan Crystal Glaze CR934 funfetti Duncan Crystal Glaze CR935 muddle mint

CR 928**
Paradise Punch

CR 929**
Orange Crush

CR 930**
Tutti Frutti

CR 931**

CR 932**

CR 933**

CR 934**

CR 935**
Muddle Mint

Duncan Crackle Glazes Cone 06

 These  specially formulated glazes create cracks similar to crazing when fired,
resulting in a distinctive aged, antique look.
For extra depth, highlight the cracks created in the firing by antiquing the piece with ink or acrylic paint.
Crackles Glazes are offered in low-fire and high-fire applications and are available in 4-oz. jars and pints.
Non-toxic, but not recommended for food and beverage items.

duncan crackle glaze cr800 clear duncan crackle glaze cr821 parchment duncan crackle glaze cr82 2mocha cream
duncan crackle glaze cr823 celadon

CR 800
4 oz - $4.45
Pint - $13.25

CR 821
4 oz - $4.45
Pint - $13.25

CR 822
Mocha Cream
4 oz - $4.45
Pint - $13.25

CR 823
4 oz - $4.45
Pint - $13.25

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Duncan Colors - No Fire Finishes
Oil Based, Granite Stone, Liquid Pearls, Ultra Metallics, Sparklers, No-Fire Snows

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and fuel surcharges with shipping companies.
We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.

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