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Cover-Coat Underglazes
 2 oz - $3.95   

Duncan Color cc101 arcticwhite Duncan Color cc102 ivorypearl Duncan Color cc103 lotusyellow Duncan Color cc105 sungoldyellow Duncan Color cc106 harvestgold Duncan Color cc108 miamipink Duncan Color cc109 sunsetpink Duncan Color cc111 dresdenflesh Duncan Color cc112 lightflesh

CC 101*
Arctic White

CC 102*
Ivory Pearl

CC 103*
Lotus Yellow

CC 105*
Sungold Yellow

CC 106*
Harvest Gold

CC 108
Miami Pink

CC 109*
Sunset Pink

CC 111
Dresden Flesh

CC 112
Light Flesh

Duncan Color cc117 walnutbrown Duncan Color cc118 cobaltcrystalblack Duncan Color cc119 charcoal Duncan Color cc120 samoataupe Duncan Color cc121 templegrey Duncan Color cc126 springgreen Duncan Color cc127 ferngreen Duncan Color cc128 evergladegreen

CC 117*
Walnut Brown

CC 118
Cobalt Crystal Blk

CC 119*

CC 120
Samoa Taupe

CC 121*
Temple Grey

CC 126*
Spring Green

CC 127*
Fern Green

CC 128
Everglade Green

Duncan Color cc129 forestgreen Duncan Color cc131 tealblue Duncan Color cc132 fiestaturquoise Duncan Color cc133 turquoise Duncan Color cc134 stardustblue Duncan Color cc135 lakeblue Duncan Color cc136 marlinblue Duncan Color cc137 regencypurple

CC 129*
Forest Green

CC 131*
Teal Blue

CC 132*
Fiesta Turq.

CC 133*

CC 134*
Stardust Blue

CC 135*
Lake Blue

CC 136*
Marlin Blue

CC 137
Regency Purple

Duncan Color cc140 moroccored Duncan Color cc141 lightyeloow Duncan Color cc142 canaryyellow Duncan Color cc143 yelloworange Duncan Color cc144 burntorange Duncan Color c145 ndianred Duncan Color cc146 purple Duncan Color cc148 deepturquoise Duncan Color cc150 mediumgreen

CC 140
Morocco Red

CC 141
Light Yellow

CC 142
Canary Yellow

CC 143*
Yellow Orange

CC 144*
Burnt Orange

CC 145*
Indian Red

CC 146*

CC 148
Deep Turquoise

CC 150*
Medium Green

Duncan Color cc151 rose Duncan Color cc152 peach Duncan Color cc153 avocado Duncan Color cc154 cobaltnavyblue Duncan Color cc156 mediumbrown Duncan Color cc157 darkestbrown Duncan Color cc158 brightgreen Duncan Color cc159 brightblue Duncan Color cc160 deeppurple

CC 151

CC 152

CC 153*

CC 154
Cobalt Navy Blue

CC 156
Medium Brown

CC 157
Darkest Brown

CC 158
Bright Green

CC 159*
Bright Blue

CC 160*
Deep Purple

Duncan Color cc180 papagoturquoise
Duncan Color cc161 bluegreen Duncan Color cc163 danishblue Duncan Color cc164 icegrey Duncan Color cc165 black Duncan Color cc171 butterscotch Duncan Color cc173 cobblestone Duncan Color cc174 kentuckybluegrass Duncan Color cc178 pecospink

CC 161*
Blue Green

CC 163
Danish Blue

CC 164
Ice Grey

CC 165*
Black Brown

CC 171*

CC 173*

CC 174*
Kentucky Bluegrass

CC 178
Pecos Pink

CC 180
Papago Turq.

Duncan Color cc181 indiansummer Duncan Color cc184 orangepeel Duncan Color cc185 apricot Duncan Color cc186 tomatored Duncan Color cc187 rusticred Duncan Color cc188 lilac Duncan Color cc190 babyblue Duncan Color cc191 marineblue Duncan Color cc192 darkblue

CC 181*
Indian Summer

CC 184*
Orange Peel

CC 185

CC 186*
Tomato Red

CC 187*
Rustic Red

CC 188

CC 190*
Baby Blue

CC 191*
Marine Blue

CC 192
Dark Blue

Duncan Color cc193 huntergreen
Duncan Color cc194 redwagon

CC 193*
Hunter Green

CC 194*
Red Wagon

Cover-Coat Neons

Duncan Color cc202 neonblue
Duncan Color cc201 neonyellow Duncan Color cc203 neonchartreuse Duncan Color cc204 neonorange Duncan Color 205 neongreen Duncan Color cc206 neonred

CC 201*
Neon Yellow

CC 202*
Neon Blue

CC 203*
Neon Chartreuse

CC 204*
Neon Orange

CC 205*
Neon Green

CC 206*
Neon Red

Duncan Glaze Colors -

Duncan Glaze Colors -
EZ Stroke Trans Underglazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Cover Coats Underglazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
French Dimensions

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Envision Glazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Courtyard, Satin

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Artisan Glazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Renaissance Glazes

Duncan Glaze Colors -
Crystal & Crackles

Duncan Colors -
Opaque Acrylics

Duncan Colors - No Fire Finishes
Oil Based, Granite Stone, Liquid Pearls, Ultra Metallics, Sparklers, No-Fire Snows


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All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases
and fuel surcharges with shipping companies.
We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.

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