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Retail - 8 oz - $9.70

All Colors shown as Bold have been discontinued and are on Sale until supplies run out.
Only available in 8 oz.
See details on main Duncan Color page for
Sale ordering details.

duncan concepts cn011lightstraw duncan concepts cn013darkstraw duncan concepts cn032brightbutternut duncan concepts cn082brightwine duncan concepts cn083darkwine duncan concepts cn101lightheather duncan concepts cn102brightheather duncan concepts cn103darkheather duncan concepts cn121lightnautical

CN 011
Light Straw

CN 013
Dark Straw

CN 032
Bright Butternut

CN 082
Bright Wine

CN 083
Dark WIne

CN 101
Light Heather

CN 102
Bright Heather

CN 103
Dark Heather

CN 121
Light Nautical

duncan concepts cn153darkbluespruce duncan concepts cn171lightkelp duncan concepts cn173darkkelp duncan concepts cn203darkgrey duncan concepts cn211lighttaupe duncan concepts cn212brighttaupe duncan concepts cn241white duncan concepts cn271lightjade duncan concepts cn281lightbrown

CN 153
Dk. Blue Spruce

CN 171
Light Kelp

CN 173
Dark Kelp

CN 203
Dark Grey

CN 211
Light Taupe

CN 212
Bright Taupe

CN 241

CN 271
Light Jade

CN 281
Light Brown

Duncan Concepts CN371Honeysuckle Duncan Concepts CN372Honeysuckle
Duncan Concepts CN303DarkCaribbean Duncan Color CN352BrightSapphire
Duncan Concepts CN193DarkIvy
duncan concepts cn282brightbrown duncan concepts cn291lightpurple
duncan concepts cn341lightpink

CN 282
Bright Brown

CN 291
Light Purple

CN 341
Light Pink

CN 193
Dark Ivy

CN 303
Dark Caribbean

CN 352
Bright Sapphire

CN 371

CN 372
Bright Honeysuckle

duncan concepts cn503neonchartreuse

CN 503
Neon Chartreuse

duncan concepts cn506neoncoral

CN 506
Neon Coral

Concepts Sprinkles
Retail - $9.95

Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN525
Duncan concepts SprinklesCN514 Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN515 Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN516 Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN517 Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN519 Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN520 Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN521 Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN522 Duncan Concepts SprinklesCN524

CN 514

CN 515

CN 516

CN 517

CN 519

CN 520

CN 521

CN 522
Really White

CN 524

CN 525

Mayco is keeping the below Concept colors. They will be available for order either Feb. 15th OR if in stock at this time.
Regular customer discounts apply to existing stock and these below colors are not a part of our Duncan discontinued SALE.

duncan concepts cn012brightstraw duncan concepts cn022brightsaffron duncan concepts cn052brighttangerine duncan concepts cn081lightwine duncan concepts cn112brightdelft duncan concepts cn113darkdelft duncan concepts cn141lightaqua duncan concepts cn142brightaqua
duncan concepts cn074reallyred

CN 012
Bright Straw

CN 022
Bright Saffron

CN 052
Bright Tangerine

CN 074
Really Red

CN 081
Light Wine

CN 112
Bright Delft

CN 113
Dark Delft

CN 141
Light Aqua

CN 142
Bright Aqua

duncan concepts cn181lightkiwi duncan concepts cn182brightkiwi duncan concepts cn201lightgrey duncan concepts cn202brightgrey duncan concepts cn221lightblush duncan concepts cn232brightbriarwood duncan concepts cn253darkblack
duncan concepts cn151lightbluesprice
duncan concepts cn244reallywhite

CN 151
Light Blue Spruce

CN 181
Light Kiwi

CN 182
Bright Kiwi

CN 201
Light Grey

CN 202
Bright Grey

CN 221
Light Blush

CN 232
Br. Briarwood

CN 244
Really White

CN 253
Dark Black

Duncan Color CN362Ivory
duncan concepts cn261lightgrape duncan concepts cn292brightpurple duncan concepts cn293darkpurple duncan concepts cn302brightcaribbean
duncan concepts cn343darkpink duncan concepts cn313darkginger

CN 261
Light Grape

CN 292
Bright Purple

CN 293
Dark Purple

CN 302
Br. Caribbean

CN 343
Dark Pink

CN 362

CN 313
Dark Ginger

duncan concepts cn501neonyellow duncan concepts cn502neonblue duncan concepts cn504neonorange duncan concepts cn505neongreen
duncan concepts cn507neonred

CN 501
Neon Yellow

CN 502
Neon Blue

CN 504
Neon Orange

CN 505
Neon Green

CN 507
Neon Red

Duncan Concepts FPTeapots

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All prices are subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's price increases and fuel surcharges with shipping companies.
We reserve the right to adjust pricing accordingly.
Please check with us prior to billing to be sure you have correct pricing.
Certain items, such as glazes, may not be returned due to manufacturer policies.

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