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Amaco Banding Wheels
Amaco Bats
Amaco Ceramic Tools
Amaco Clay Molds
     Amaco Hump Slump Molds
     Amaco Texture Clay Molds
Amaco Excel Kilns
Amaco Excel Kiln Vents
Amaco Glazes
Amaco Potters Choice Glazes
Amaco Celadon Glazes
Amaco Shino Glazes
Amaco Kiln Accessories
Amaco Potter’s Stool
Amaco Potter’s Wheel
Amaco QuickCenter
Amaco UnderGlazes


Banding Wheels

Bisque Tiles
Bisque - Duncan
Bisque - Mayco
Bisque - Stoneware

     Ceramic Books
     Craft Books
     Painting Books
     Zentangle Books

Brent Extruders
Brent Kick Wheels
Brent Potter’s Stool
Brent Potter’s Wheels
Brent Slab Rollers
Brent Ware Carts
Brent Bat Mobile
Brent Wedging Board

     Duncan Brushes
     Mayco Brushes
     Royal Brushes


Canvas Painting Supplies

Carbon Burnout

Castables - Mayco Molds


Ceramic Accessories
Ceramic Firing Schedules

Ceramic Molds

Ceramic Tools

Christmas Lights, Stars and Light Kits


Clay Molds
     Amaco Clay Molds
     Creative Paradise Clay Molds
     Mayco Clay Molds

Clock Movements

Converting Farenheit to Centigrade

Creative Industries Potter’s Stools
Creative Industries Pottery Wheels

Creative Paradise Ceramic Molds
Creative Paradise Clay Molds
     Creative Paradise Clayful Critters
     Creative Paradise Hump Slump Molds
     Creative Paradise Texture Clay Molds
     Creative Paradise Press & Sprig
Creative Paradise Glass Molds

Decorator Writing Bottles
Designer Liner
Detailer Bottles

Dry Stoneware Glazes

Duncan Bisque
     Functional & Dinnerware
     Cups, Mugs & Pitchers
     Home Decor
     Kids Bisque & Sports
     Kid’s Banks
     Holiday and Seasonal
     Tiny Tots
Duncan Brushes
Duncan Color
     Color Burst Crystal Chips
     Artisan Glazes
     Concepts & Concepts Sprinkles
     Shimmer Glazes
     Metallic Glazes
     True Matte Pastels
     EZ Strokes Underglazes
     Cover Coat Underglazes
     French Dimensions
     Envision Trans & Opaque Glazes
     Courtyard Art Glazes
     Satin Glazes
     Crystal & Crackle Glazes
     Acrylic Stains
     Specialty Stains
     Clear Glazes - Brushing or Dipping
Dipping Vat

Events & Shows


Easel Backs

Fired Images - Make your own Decals

Firing Schedules
Firing Unleaded Glazes


Giffin Grip

Glass Books
Glass Classes
Glass Frit
Glass Kilns
Glass Kits
Glass Molds
Glass Paint
Glass - Sheet Glass - COE96

Glaze Kits

Gloves in a Bottle

Gold and Applicators

How To Order
How To Videos and PDF’s

Kemper Tools

Kiln Manuals
Kiln Warranties

Kimple Color
     Kimple Acrylic Stains
     Kimple Translucent Stains
     Kimple Specialty Products

Laguna Clay

Lamp Kits

Lehman Pouring Equipment
     Mixing Machines
     Reclaiming Machines
     Production Casting Tables
     Slip O Matic Pumps
Lehman Dipping Vat

Lesson Plans

Light Kits - Xmas Trees & More

Lustres - Overglazes


Mayco Bisque
     Functional & Dinnerware
     Cups, Mugs, Goblets
     Home Decor
     Kids Bisque & Sports
     Holiday & Special Occasion
     Beads and Add-ons
Mayco Color
     Stroke & Coat
     Foundations & Crystalites
     Designer Liners
     Underglazes - Fundamentals
     Elements, Cascades, Chunkies
     Raku, Stoneware
     Clear Glazes
     Sandstones, Astro Gems
     Jungle Gems
     Specialty Glazes
     Non-Fired Product Accessories
     Glaze & Color Kits
     Dry Stoneware Glazes
Mayco Brushes
Mayco Castables Molds
Mayco Ceramic Molds
Mayco Ceramic Tools
Mayco Clay Molds
     Mayco Design Press Molds
     Mayco Hump Slump Clay Molds
Mayco Decorating Accessories
Mayco Designer Rubber Mats
Mayco Silk Screens
Mayco Stencils

MKM Tools

Mold Orders
Mold Straps

Night Light Hardware

Northstar Extruders
Northstar Slab Rollers
Northstar Tile Press

Olympic Dual Media Kilns
Olympic Freedom Kilns
Olympic Glass Kilns - 120V
Olympic Glass Kilns - 240V
Olympic Glass Kilns - Clam Shell
Olympic Kilns
Olympic Kiln Accessories
Olympic Oval Kilns
Olympic Raku Electric Kilns

Orton Cones
Orton Three Cone System
Orton Vents
Orton Venting Solutions

Paragon Doll Kilns
Paragon Dragon Kilns
Paragon Glass Kilns
Paragon Iguana Kiln
Paragon Janus Kilns
Paragon Kilns
Paragon Kiln Accessories
Paragon Ovation Kilns
Paragon Porcelain Kilns
Paragon Small Hobby Kilns
Paragon Studio Kilns
Paragon Crucible Kilns

Plasti Bat
Pot Lifters

Potter’s Stools

Potter’s Wheel Bats

Receiving Kiln Shipments

Return Policies

Royal Brushes
Royal Tools

Rubber Bands
Rubber Stamps
Rubber Stoppers

Shimpo Banding Wheels
Shimpo Extruder
Shimpo Pottery Wheels
Shimpo Pugmills
Shimpo Slab Roller

Silk Screens
Silk Screen Medium

Skutt Envirovent
Skutt GlazeTech
Skutt Glass Kilns
Skutt Kilns
Skutt Kiln Accessories
Skutt Pottery Wheels
Skutt PK Kilns Information
Skutt Transformer Package

Skutt Zone Control
Skutt Kilns - KM22 Series

Slab Rollers
     Brent Slab Rollers
     Shimpo Slab Roller
     Northstar Slab Rollers


Speedball Potter’s Wheels
Speedball Potter’s Stools



Stilt Stone


Stoneware Bisque
Stoneware Glazes - 5-6

Texture Rollers - Amaco
Texture Rollers - Xiem
Tile Cutters

Tree Lights

Thomas Stuart Wheels

Tiles - bisque-low fire


Vent a Kiln

Videos and PDF’s

Vocabulary - Ceramics

Ware Carts
Wax Resist

Wedging Angle
Wedging Board
Wedging Table

Wonder Bats

Xiem Tools
     Xiem Art Texture Rollers
     Xiem Precision Applicators
     Xiem Stainless Steel Tools
     Xiem Carbide Tools
     Xiem Accessories


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Mayco Colors and Bisque
Duncan Colors and Bisque - I Love to Create
Paragon Kilns     Orton Vents & Cones
Skutt Kilns   Thomas Stuart Wheels
Creative Paradise   Lehman Pouring Equipment
Royal Brushes  Shimpo Ceramic Equipment
Olympic Kilns
AMACO/Brent Color, Wheels and Slab Rollers

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American Ceramic Supply Company has been servicing the ceramic industry for over 40 years. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, American Ceramic Supply Company services and supplies ceramic equipment and supplies to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, ceramic potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers, ceramic and pottery home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply Company provides education, training and consulting services to traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios, potters, art teachers and art educators, ceramic and pottery finished ware producers and home based hobbyists. American Ceramic Supply also educates and assists the architects, contractors, builders and electricians for our customers as they create their ceramic shops,
paint your own pottery studios, ceramic rooms in their new schools and buildings and in their homes.

American Ceramics is a master distributor and education center for Mayco Colors and Glazes and Mayco Bisque, Duncan Ceramic Colors, Glazes and Duncan 04 Bisque offering almost 1000 designs in properly fired ceramic bisque or pottery bisque to home based hobbyists, traditional ceramic shops, paint your own pottery studios and art teachers and educators. From functional bisque to kid’s bisque, home decor bisque and seasonal ceramic bisque, American Ceramics stands behind the exceptional quality of the Mayco Bisque and Duncan Bisque lines. Having properly fired, clean and durable ceramic bisque is critical to American Ceramics on-going customer satisfaction.

American Ceramic Supply Company continues to sell, service, educate and provide on-going marketing and technical support to the ceramic and pottery industry. Our goals are the best customer service we can possibly offer, generosity of information to our customers so that they can succeed and accomplish their ceramic dreams and desires and
doing the right thing by God and Country.

American Ceramic Supply Company, Inc. - est. 1975
parent company of:
American Glass Supply Co.
The Pottery Consultant - The Glass Fusing Consultant
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